CETIS Testimonials

"The CETIS software is a critical element of our laboratory data management system since we rely solely on it for statistical analyses, data reporting, and the generation of electronic data deliverables. The software has dramatically improved our efficiency, and the flexible statistical analyses tools support our full scope of services for our clients."

-Stephan Clark, Vice President for Pacific EcoRisk, Inc., Fairfield, CA

"CETIS has simplified WET data management at every step. Data for many tests are imported straight from a CD or e-mail attachment from labs using CETIS. If the source lab does not have CETIS and cannot create an export file, several data entry aids make the task relatively easy to recreate the data set. Test analysis and interpretation benefit from the rich statistics, graphing, and reporting features. Sharing WET test data with permittees, permit writers, or labs is straight-forward using CETIS queries or exports. I could not do my job nearly as well without it."

-Randall Marshall, WET Coordinator for WA Department of Ecology, Olympia, WA

"We rely on CETIS as the backbone of our laboratory data management system including test design, statistical analyses and data reporting. CETIS has enabled us to significantly improve our productivity and has provided unique value-added statistical tools to our laboratory's array of services."

-Dave Lewis, Lab Director for ToxScan, Inc., Castroville, CA

"Our lab had used ToxCalc very successfully for our WET statistical analysis for quite some time. However, the networking abilities of CETIS allowed us to make our lab much more efficient with direct data entry at each of the workstations. This powerful addition to our lab has made it possible to create reports for our clients the same day the test(s) end. The speed and quality of support provided by Tidepool Scientific is light speed ahead of any support I have ever experienced with other software vendors. It is refreshing to find a company that really does listen to the customer and provides prompt quality assistance when needed."

-Glenn A. Matlock, Laboratory Manager, BioTox, Inc., San Antonio, TX

"CETIS has been our laboratory's single source for biostatistical output since 2005. CETIS is a highly configurable program with a great many tools to efficiently and accurately process bioassay data. The decision tree is highly flexible and allows our laboratory to quickly adapt to the specific needs of our regulators. Tidepool Scientific also endeavors to improve upon its product by listening to its clientele. Recently, Tidepool even collaborated with our LIMS vendor to provide our laboratory with bidirectional communication between the two programs. Thanks to Tidepool's commitment to providing its customers with a great product coupled with excellent customer service, our laboratory runs more efficiently now than it ever has."

-Kurt Rinaldi, Biologist II for Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County, Whittier, CA

"The versatility of the CETIS software is unparalleled in its ability to manage all of our statistical evaluations supporting WET testing, dredge sediment evaluations and ecological risk assessments. The program's ease of use and flexibility allows us to adapt it for assessing a comprehensive list of endpoints and method protocols which, when linked to an integrated database of client information and station locations, puts statistical analyses at our fingertips. CETIS is a critical element in getting our product to our clients in the shortest possible time."

-Ken Simon, Technical Director, EnviroSystems, Inc., Hampton, NH

"CETIS is a complete toxicity testing database. It sets up the tests, creates the paper work, analyzes the data, prepares the reports, creates control charts, and identifies whether the test meets acceptability criteria or not. I can't imagine anyone doing toxicity testing without CETIS."

-Stan Asato, Supervisor for EMD Toxicity Testing Unit, City of Los Angeles, CA

"Once the database is setup, the system is very easy to use. We've been able to train our entire laboratory staff to perform routine data entry in CETIS. I've also used the system to analyze data from non-routine tests for which I had to set up my own template, and it was nice to be able to customize the data entry and analysis to fit my needs."

-Mary Ann Rempel-Hester, Ph.D., Nautilus Environmental Inc., Tacoma, WA

"CETIS is our standard statistical package. Beyond just providing analysis that meet USEPA and ASTM protocol requirements, the many features of this program have allowed us to monitor our lab's performance over time and improve our in-house QA/QC procedures with relative ease. The data export feature has also proven to be invaluable in terms of efficiencies gained and added value to our clients."

-Brett Muckey, Bioassay Lab Manager, CH2M-HILL Applied Sciences Lab, Corvallis, OR

"Being new to Microsoft Access and unfamiliar with composing SQL queries, will there be a significant learning curve in trying to use CETIS?"

You will need to know almost nothing of the Structured Query Language (SQL) because CETIS does all the work for you behind the scenes. However, the more you learn about Access, the more you can apply to using CETIS.

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