To contact Tidepool Scientific with questions or suggestions, please email or call 707.839.5174 for technical support.


The current version of CETIS is v1.9.7.xx. Click here to get specific information about the most recent CETIS versions.

The last version of ToxCalc was v5.0.32, however it is no longer offered for sale and has been supplanted by CETIS.


"How long is free technical help provided?"

Tidepool provides one year of free unlimited technical assistance. After that period, assistance is provided free of charge on a case by case basis. Generally simple questions and the reporting of software bugs, and subsequent resolution, will always be provided free of charge. Please contact Tidepool for fee structures in cases where additional technical help is needed.

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"How do I contact Tidepool regarding technical questions?"

Generally the best and most efficient way to contact Tidepool is by email. Emails will typically be answered within 24-48 hrs. You can also talk directly with the developer as needed.

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"What information should be provided when I contact Tidepool about a software problem?"

Please provide Tidepool with an accurate discription of the problem, what steps you followed prior to the error, any error messages, and the version of CETIS and Windows you are using. Please indicate if it is a recurrent or intermittent problem. You may also be asked to export the data in question so that Tidepool can attempt to replicate the error.

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"Will you always contact me if an update becomes available?"

Generally notifications of minor letter updates (e.g., v1.7.0c to v1.7.0d) are not broadcast. It is recommended that you bookmark the appropriate 'News and Updates' page and check back for any information about updates.

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"Am I charged for receiving an update?"

Tidepool provides free updates upon request for all purchases made less than one year ago. After that period, Tidepool reserves the right to charge a reasonable fee to update your software.

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"What is the difference between a numerical and letter update?"

A numerical update (e.g., v1.6.5 to v1.7.0) always represents a modification to the backend database. These modifications may require an additional file provided by Tidepool to update certain tables. A letter update does not involve any changes to the back-end database and the changes to the front-end are generally minor in scope.

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"Do you offer customization of your software?"

Yes, customization is offered with a programming fee. Programming fees typically are by contract, with the cost influenced by the scope of the project and it's applicability to other users.

The end-user license agreement (EULA) allows you to install a single copy of the software on a single computer for each purchased license. Although multiple users can share the same backend database, each must be licensed to do so, or the software will intervene and lock one of the users out.

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