Toxcalc Features & Advantages

ToxCalc creates raw data forms for recording test and water quality data, and accommodates most test designs by allowing the user to create custom data entry screens and endpoints. This feature is ideal for those requiring a flexible package capable of addressing a wide variety of test designs. Templates can also be created for frequently used data forms and retrieved for future use.

Data visualization aids you in selecting the appropriate statistical methods. ToxCalc also is smart in that it can automatically choose the appropriate methods and data transforms based on the characteristics and structure of your data.

ToxCalc's database feature provides a system to save, organize, manage and retrieve raw and summary data. The database employs a random access data management system, insuring rapid and efficient data storage and retrieval.

ToxCalc also provides concise and polished summary reports that regulators have come to appreciate. To aid your quality assurance program, ToxCalc can create quality control charts from data extracted from the database.

ToxCalc offers a number of time saving utilities. It will even calculate the correct volumes of dilution water, hypersaline brine and sample to achieve the desired salinity within all dilutions. When it comes time to generate your monthy QC charts, ToxCalc will quickly create a Levey-Jennings or Shewhart plot from your extracted reference toxicant data.

CETIS efficiently stores and processes data derived from freshwater, estuarine, and marine toxicity tests performed on various environmental media such as effluents, ambient water, reference toxicants or sediment samples.

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