Software FAQ

Get answers to commonly asked questions regarding general use of the software, statistical capabilities, software installation and purchase of CETIS within the FAQ page.

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Updates & Support

CETIS v2.0.xx is now available. This new version represents the biggest change to the user interface since the introduction of CETIS over 20 years ago. A new two-sided CUSUM plot helps you detect trends in your data. Searching, filtering and batching samples has become much easier. Many of the tabbed pages have been replaced with forms showing all the fields and options simultaneously. The main CETIS form now has its own global test list and the form has collapsible sections.

CETIS now implements the Office Ribbon UI, and improved native filtering and exporting implementation. A new implementation of the Robertson and Preisler ratio test and the Zajdlik two-sample Z test has been added for comparing two different point estimates. New data security measures have been implemented including the calculation and storage of MD5 hash digests of the data sets.

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Latest News

Version 2.0 is here! The newly designed user interface dramatically increases efficiency and ease of use. CETIS now exists in the accdb/accde format and eliminates the need for a special workgroup file. The accdb/accde format also provides improved password protection and encryption.

Two new options have been added to the CETIS lineup. A yearly subscription is now available, providing a one year license with the option to renew at the end of the license term. Renewal will automatically provide an update to the latest version at the user's option.

Secondly, a new LE (Limited Edition) version is available at a significantly reduced cost for those only needing the calculation of point estimates. Hypo-thesis based test procedures and nonlinear regression methods are not available in the LE version.

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