A Cost Effective Solution for the Toxicology Lab

ToxCalc™ v5.0 is a complete statistical package specifically designed for environmental toxicity testing. ToxCalc was developed by Tidepool Scientific Software, the publishers of the new Comprehensive Environmental Toxicity Information System™, known as CETIS. Since ToxCalc is a Microsoft® Excel™ add-in, it provides you with all the flexibility and utility you expect from the world's most popular spreadsheet.

ToxCalc determines virtually all required toxicity indices using U.S. EPA approved parametric and non-parametric statistical methods. ToxCalc incorporates extensive built-in error checking and alerts the user of data entry errors or statistical incompatibility. Entered data can also be checked for accuracy using a system of double entry. The program supports unlimited treatment levels, unlimited replicates, and up to two user specified controls.

Software Features

  • Custom data entry screens and endpoints;
  • Flexible package capable of addressing a wide variety of test designs;
  • Custom templates can be created and stored;
  • Data visualization aids you in selecting the appropriate statistical methods;
  • Automatically chooses the appropriate methods and data transforms;
  • Random access data management system provides a system to save, organize, manage and retrieve raw and summary data;
  • Concise and polished summary reports that regulators have come to appreciate;
  • Quality control charts from data extracted from the database.


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ToxCalc System Requirements

  • Windows™ 95/98, ME, NT, 2000, XP or Microsoft Vista™
  • Microsoft® Excel™ 2000, 2002, or 2003 (Note: ToxCalc 5.0 is not compatible with Excel™ 2007)
  • Pentium III or higher speed processor
  • At least 128 MB of RAM (256 MB is recommended)
  • 60 MB of hard disk space
  • CD/DVD drive for software installation

CETIS supports multi-jurisdictional testing. Since many federal and state government programs have different decision-making rules guiding the selection of the appropriate statistical methods, CETIS has a system to quickly change the decision rules.

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